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Welcome to our Web site!

Jcoms, Ltd., was founded in 1992 by two computer engineers.  The company's specialization in clinical applications support and integration developed out of a sense for the market's need for advanced, reliable, user-friendly clinical programs.

In 1993, Jcoms started with the development of an advanced IVF program.  Ten years down the line, Jcoms has a team of five programmers developing and maintaining the IVF and clinical applications.

In Order to guarantee state-of-the-art medical knowledge and continuity, Jcoms formed a partnership with doctors and embryologists from major hospitals in Israel who make up the front lines of IVF development.  Reasearch has shown that most of the time the data needed in IVF clinics is not processed efficiently.  Jcoms recognized the opportunity to streamline and enhance the data processing process thereby making it much more efficient.

Today, Jcoms delivers the IVF Fertility Expert, written in Microsoft advanced tools, that covers all areas of an IVF and fertility clinic and department.


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